Legal Expertise

After starting her Law Bachelor at the Université de Laval, Guylaine Lamarre left Canada in 1998 to work at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (Hague, Netherlands). Four years later, she was back in Ottawa to continue her Law degree at the University of Ottawa. The legal field offers several attractive job prospects, and Guylaine Lamarre settled for the one providing the perfect balance. It was either notary public or nothing! No judging, no decision-making, but rather abiding by the legal framework, enlightening the parties whose consent is needed, being unbiassed.

Will/Mandates Gatineau

Guylaine Lamarre graduated in 2005 and later obtained her Diploma in Notarial Law. She started working as a notary in January 2007.

For almost ten years now, Me Guylaine Lamarre has been operating in Cantley. Focusing on customer satisfaction, she works as an independent traditional legal officer specializing in real estate law, mortgage refinancing, successions, as well as wills and mandates. She can also make arrangements for legal consultations in English.

Real Estate Law Val-des-Monts

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